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When You’re Sick, Just Go Home

Sneezing coworker

We are in the middle of flu and pneumonia season and it’s nothing to sneeze at, especially since these two diseases are the eighth leading reasons for death in the US. When I first started thinking about writing this article, I was going to list the symptoms, who’s most at risk, discuss the types of flu and pneumonia (who knew there were different types?), and all of that. It’s always good to check out great websites, such as, Mayoclinic.org, Healthline.com, and WebMD.com. But instead, I’m gonna do some real talk…when you are sick, just go home, love. Like for real, “Bye, Felicia!” Continue reading “When You’re Sick, Just Go Home”


Why We All Need a Time Out


Can we all agree that it’s been one crazy year? Talm ‘bout last year, honey.

Draaama everywhere! From Hollywood calling out all the sexual predators, California stay being on fire, storms ripping through the shoreline like Kong through trees and need I mention how at this point I’m spending my whole paycheck on groceries – a loaf a bread, a stick of butta, and a container of milk!

So, I’m thinking we all need some self-love right about now. I know I’m feeling tore down in more ways than one so let’s all stop, and in light of Self-Love Month, review the steps below:

  1. Begin your day right. Don’t cut on the TV, tablet, or even look at your cell. Just lay there for maybe five extra minutes and think about the positive things you did yesterday, like how you handled that problem or difficult customer. Or, dare I say it, think about your great qualities that makes you who you are. Celebrate you.
  2. Try to put mainly good things in your body. Garbage in, garbage out…erm, you know what I mean.
  3. Fight negativity inside and out. Go after negative thoughts like you would an attacker. Don’t let that poser take up any space in your head so those negative thoughts won’t get to your heart. Take action by reading a good book (come to think of it, it’s about time for me to reread Pride and Prejudice), meditating, listening to music (remember how we used sit around and listen to great music, what happen to that?), or talking to a good friend. And as far as toxic people goes, same rule applies, don’t give them the time of day.
  4. Be patient with yourself. You will get there. Keep building you step-by-step.
  5. Find something to be grateful about, big or small. Write it down in a journal and see how your thankfulness and peace grows.

And finally, hug it out by starting with your own beautiful self.