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Jane Eyre – Not in My Town

janeeyre_smallposterDon’t you just hate it when the very movie you’ve been waiting on is not even playing in your town?  OK, I love Jane Eyre – the novel, the play, the BBC productions, and the movies.  Everything Jane Eyre is fine with me.  There is even a Jane Eyre movement actually called Janeites,  but (LOL) I wouldn’t dare have a club card there.  That’s where I draw the line.

Anywho, I’m waiting, waiting, waiting but no Jane Eyre.  I finally had the great idea to look it up and lo and behold this movie is indie and is playing in only four, count  ’em four, cities.   There’s definitely no Jane Eyre in my town.

I will not have a come apart, and no, I am not a Janeite.  I continue to check the movie section everyday, you know, just in case, to see if the box office showings are increasing.  I watch the previews in anticipation, read about the characters and wonder how well they would execute this lovely story.

I am not a Janeite.

I was actually kind of giddy when the numbers of box office showings increased from 4 to 90 to 180 to now 247.  But still, no Jane Eyre in my town.  I finally sighed with acceptance to the fact that it seems that, no, there will be no Jane Eyre in my town.  A slow smile creases my lips…there’s always Netflix!

And still, I am not a Janeite.


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