Friends and Family

Birds of a Feather

I remember when I was in elementary; my best friend was named Kenya. Kenya was smart, well-mannered, and soft spoken. I can’t remember how we first met; I’m always jealous of people who remember the exact time they met someone, I never can.

Anyway, many things bonded us – we attended the same school through Jr. High, we lived in the same neighborhood, both of us loved books, and were very competitive academically. But most of all, we had a knack for silliness.

Case in point, one evening, on the afternoon walk home, we started laughing about some stupid thing or another. Then, it started. She laughed because I laughed then I laughed at her laughing and so on. All of a sudden, she has to pee. Now she’s really laughing. And me too. I keep saying, “Hold it! Hold it! C’mon! C’mon!” But she keeps laughing, scrunched up in the I’m-trying-to hold-my-pee position with knocked knees and all. We made it to the corner of her street, but not a step further. Pee started to run down her leg.

At first, she looks at me wide-eyed and aghast. Then she continues to laugh as the trickle turns into a full spray. Between laughter I yell, “Run, run, run!” And she did, leaving a trail of pee behind her! The next day it was fodder for more laughter amongst our friends. This normally would have mortified other people, but remember, you’re talking about someone who revels in silliness. She laughed along with everyone else.

Now me, I was good for falling. I say ‘good’ for lack of a better word. Let’s see, I fell off the bleachers, down the steps, up the steps, and slipped down wet pavements. It’s a wonder I’m alive today with both eyeballs in place. Anyway, when I did, you can best be sure that Kenya was there to give me a hand and a laugh as well. I preferred it that way. I’d rather have a friend that loves the fact that I was a goofball than resents it.

I’ve since lost contact with her, but the new friends that came into my life have that same quality – we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Below is from my friend Dionne. It’s her exact email. She cracks me up.

GIRL I’m on my intern right, I’m trying to be impressive
I was doing great, but then I fell out of the chair my feet was up in the air ( The Doctor was looking)
You think I’m going to get hired?

Gotta luv ‘em.


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