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The News – Make it Count and Make it Newsworthy

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With all the discrepancies in so-called investigative reporting and the controlling of raw, unbiased news, I still have to say that there are still some out there trying to get it right. Through the gore and sensationalism, sometimes reporters do what they are trained to do – report the facts. In turn, they reveal to the world neighborhood everything from untold beauty and hope to rancid hate and abuse. Case in point, although it took several attempts, I remember reading in a CNN article how a Saudi judge finally realized that, no, an eight-year-old would not make a good candidate for a wife. 

What’s interesting, as reported by CNN, is that this same country, Saudi Arabia, have signed international agreements that clearly indicate that child marriages are a gross violation of human rights. What’s the problem then? “It is still the religious establishment that holds sway in the courts and many realms beyond the court,” explains Christoph Wilke, a Saudi Arabia researcher for Human Rights Watch in this same CNN report. Meaning, under Islamic law, which heavily influences the courts, females are subject to child marriages. Now in my opinion, you have the right to choose your religion. If it’s Islam or Muslim, then fine. But you also should have the right to choose when and to whom you marry as well – when of marital age. End of story. To enforce such a law on anyone is abuse on every level. I was so relieved to finally read that the marriage was finally annulled.

Something tells me that CNN as well as other news entities and human rights organizations had a lot to do with that. I say bravo. Not only will this eight-year-old CHILD get her life back, but in the future, it will no doubt set a precedent for others. The lesson? If we see atrocities and gross injustices we owe it to our world neighbors to at least shine a light on it. Cause awareness and shame the offenders. Cause change and move mountains.


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