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Great TV – PBS South Riding

I love, love Masterpiece Theatre on PBS.  It’s divided up into three sections – classic, mystery and contemporary drama.  Sunday night at eight o’clock is one of my favorite times for this very reason.  If perchance I missed the episode as it originally airs, I watch it online as soon as I can.

This past Sunday a new episode of the classic genre aired – a mini-series called South Riding.  So-named after the small town where an intense drama unfolds.  I love the fact that this story has a bold, outgoing and smart heroine – Sarah Burton.  Even at the start of the story when being interviewed for the job of headmistress, she talks as if the job is already hers and resolutely reveals her plans to inspire every girl and make change for the better.  Make change?  In a small Yorkshire town right after the depression?  When food, jobs and hope is scarce no less?  Yes.   Even Sarah’s bright, red dress against everything and everyone else’s drab gray exterior makes her pop. 

And, of course, there’s the sensual tension building between her and the angry, landowner Robert Crane.  Or is there a flicker of passion between her and the soft-spoken war veteran, Joe Astell.  I love this stuff! 

This series continues till May 15th.  Do yourself a favor and don’t miss it!


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