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Great TV – PBS South Riding Part II

Last night, South Riding was full of ups and downs to the audience’s delight. In the substories, Lydia (Muriel Carne), who is very bright, but very poor, has had her scholarly dreams dashed to pieces due to her mother’s early demise. Even though the setting of this story is halfway across the world, I can so relate. I remember my mother telling me that for the exact reason she had to miss and drop out of school when she was about Lydia’s age as well.

Back to the story, the character, Alfred Huggins (John Henshaw), puts on pretense of a Holy Roller but really is a Biggest Loser. He’s being blackmailed for having an affair and then falls for a risky financial scheme – sinking him into deeper trouble.

And what about Robert Crane (David Morrissey) and Sarah Burton (Anna Maxwell Martin)? Well, the heat definitely turns up. They talk, flirt, end up at the same hotel by chance, and yes, end up in the bed together. This, after Robert tells Sarah that he is married and his wife is currently in a mental hospital. But all does not end as expected. Robert has heart problems and starts to have an attack of sorts. Sarah has to come to his aid and the plans are interrupted. After resting several hours, he leaves.

Still loving this story. It has some predictable turns but with unexpected twists. It’s a little raunchy and real but historically dramatic. South Riding is well-acted and Adrew Davies doesn’t miss with this script. Don’t take my word for it? Then watch today online at:

Be sure to see the finale next week.


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