My Two Cents

Is Three Years Old Too Young to be a Hustler?

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I’ve got to share this story that my brother, Dan, told me the other day.  It was around the time his clothes dryer went out, which caused him to have to go to a laundry mat. As he tells it, he had scads of clothes washed so he puts almost $30 into the coin machine.  He puts his clothes into several machines, inserting coins as he went along.

Around this time, a small child walked up.  He had on tattered clothing, and, of course, had a snotty nose and big brown eyes to boot.  His mother is on the other side of the room with several other similar-looking kids.  She looked like a hard case herself.  Anyway, the little boy stood nearby, staring at Dan.  After a while, Dan said he looked up and thought if he just smiled at him, the little boy would soon walk off.

Nope.  He continued to stare and quietly inched up closer.  Each machine Dan moved to, this little boy followed.  After a while, maybe his mother started to miss him or something because she yells, “Boy!  C’mon down here and stop bothering that man!”  This Lil’ G yells back as clear as day, “Aw, Momma!  I’m tryin’ to get me some money!”

I ask you, is three years old too young to be a hustler?


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