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Gettin’ Out of Debt in 2011


provided by Veer Images

Okay, another year has gone by and we’re halfway through 2011.  Unfortunately, a lot of people are still in a financial rut – this may include you.  It’s time to put on our game face and play hardball.  No whiners allowed – we can do this.

Be In the Know

Know about your bills and credit cards through and through.  Get acquainted with their policies, rates and fees.  A simple call to the customer service department is all you need to get this information.

 Make it Count

Investopedia of Yahoo! Finance states that since the credit card legislation (CARD Act), we have privy to more information on how paying the least or most on a credit card will affect the total interest paid.  Let that be the motivation to pay over the minimum – five dollars over the minimum balance can make a world of difference.

Be For Real

You’ve made these bills over time so it’s going to take time to get rid of them.  While some may use that big tax refund or receive that big windfall of money to pay off debt, the rest of us will have to whittle it down little by little.

Team Effort

Trying to stick to that budget and stop overspending is not easy.  That’s why Investopedia recommends having a buddy system.  When you – or the other person – start to steer off track, you check each other’s hand.  Simple, but it works.


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