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There’s a Flood in the South

We are in the middle of tornado season, and boy, is it ever.  People living in the South are used to receiving tornado warnings over the TV and radio.  I usually sleep through bad storms, probably because I don’t take them too seriously.  You know, the it-won’t-happen-to-me attitude.  But this year is different.  There’s a tornado warning until 7:15pm tonight and guess where I am?  In the hallway with my pillows and laptop.

By my last count, approximately 600 people were killed by the tornadoes altogether.  I don’t ever remember such numbers in my lifetime.  Homes and towns were flattened – starting in Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, Arkansas and now Missouri and Oklahoma.  This leads me to the point of this article, before these poor people can recover from that, the Mississippi started to rise and spill over in the surrounding areas.

It’s so odd the way natural catastrophes do – one area is untouched while other areas are devastated.  For instance, East Memphis is perfectly intact, but in parts of Northaven and South Memphis, people were walking around in ankle-deep water.  There are some small towns in Mississippi that are completely submerged still.  They are too poor and too small to rebuild.  For others, enter FEMA (Federal Emergency ManagementAgency).

Those who need FEMA assistance are supposed to file applications now so papers will be ready for processing in July, 2011.  Customers will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis so filling out these papers and sending them in is very important.  Scientists have assured us that the flood waters will recede – although very slowly.  It’s raining now and more is in the forecast so I wonder about that.  And pray…

Below are pictures from the Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Shelby Farms in Memphis
Baseball field in Memphis
Bus lot in Memphis

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