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Can My Vagina Really Fall Out?

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Yep, ladies, it can really happen.  It’s a condition called vaginal prolapse.  Simply put, the muscle is this area relaxes way too much.  This causes the top section of the vagina to drop, even extending outside of the vagina itself.

If you’ve had a hysterectomy, then you are at a higher risk than most to be affected.   What can be done?  Well, some choose corrective surgery.  The success rate for this type of procedure is very high, but ask your doctor about the risks and complications.  Everybody will not have the same results and neither is this option good for everyone.  No matter if surgery is your decision or not, if you suffer from vaginal prolapse, it’s always a good idea to:

Avoid smoking
Maintain a healthy weight
Try to avoid constipation
Try to avoid heavy lifting
Try to avoid standing for a long time

Good to Health to You!


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