Let’s Talk About Toe Cleavage

provided by Microsoft

Toe cleavage.  We had never heard of this term 20 years ago, but thanks to the likes of Manolo Blahnik (and a little TV show called Sex in the City), we have toe cleavage.

Simply defined, toe cleavage appears when a woman’s pump or heel dips low enough to show the crevices between the toes.  I think this is ever so feminine.  The first time I tried a pump on in this style, it took me aback.  I sat there with my left leg outstretched, twisting my foot from side to side.  But soon after, I walked out of the store carrying those very same shoes and wearing a knowing smile.  Well now, I thought.

And for those who are wondering how much is too much, Hemispheremagazine.com, in a recent interview with Mr. Toe Cleavage himself, commented on how much toe cleavage is allowed:

HEMISPHERES: You made a statement about toe cleavage that has become an industry rule—a shoe must show only the first two cracks.

BLAHNIK: Yes. A little tiny reveal. I think it’s more exciting and sensual. I enjoy a pump more than a sandal. With a sandal, it’s all there. With a pump, you just imagine things. Before me, there was no toe cleavage at all. I don’t want to date myself, but it was all opera pumps, not very open. I gave some kind of lightness to it.

So there you have it, the key word is subtle, not sexy, ladies.  Give ‘em a peek and leave ‘em wanting more.



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