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Sorry Chrisette Michele, I’m a Late Comer

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I am not the first one to do things.  Deliberately.  I wait several weeks before that great new movie comes out; I wait till that fab new gadget is affordable and on sale and I buy all my cars used.  Need I say more?

But sometimes, I find that this is not the best policy.  For example, like the last time I went in for my eye exam.  I had to buy new glasses and up my prescription.  Well, the clerk ever so happily pulls out a box of “discount frames” to choose from.  Needless to say, my mouth watered.  Long story short, I came out looking like my grandmother with her pointed specks and all.  Sigh.

Anyway, in recent months, I’ve had an additional regret – Chrisette Michele.  I had heard of her.  Seen her on other websites, etc., etc.  But I had not stopped to really listen to her music.  For those who do not know her as of yet, she is a young, R&B singer.  Google her.  Now.

To continue, a while ago, my coworker invited me to listen to her copy of Chrisette’s latest entitled, Let Freedom Reign.  Honey, I was sucked in, knocked out, overjoyed and popping my fingers like a drunk in a two dollar juke joint.  Did I say I loved her music?  Her voice is sultry, raspy  and smooth all in the right places.  The R&B she sings spills over to jazz and neosoul, and get this, girlfriend throws in a rap or two.  All tastefully done, of course.

OK, I’ll stop now.  I don’t want to sound like I’m on her payroll.  Nope.  I’m just a fan…albeit a latecomer.


2 thoughts on “Sorry Chrisette Michele, I’m a Late Comer

  1. WOW! You have A LOT to catch up on with Chrisette! You can start by getting her first two albums, “I Am” (debut album) and “Epiphany” (sophomore album, I suggest you get the deluxe edition cause it has a little dvd inside with an interview, the Epiphany video and her performing some spoken word.). If you don’t have “Let Freedom Reign,” get that as well. If you want the deluxe edition to that album, you can only get it at target. Also, go to and look for her mixtape she did with her brother, Lem Payne, called “Love Thy Brother.” It was a gift from Chrisette to her fans for their support as well as her prelude to “Let Freedom Reign” before it was released. After all is said and done, follow her on twitter @ChrisetteM or @MissFreedomgirl (Freedom girl is an account she made which she calls “Chrisette’s brain.”) Anyhoo, enjoy Ms Chrisette Michele. She’s a great artist and she’s also very interactive with her fans. Laterz!

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