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Why Did the Critics Pan the New Green Lantern Movie?

provided by Warner Bros.

Okay, why did the critics basically pan the new Green Lantern movie?  On Movies I counted only two critics that gave this flick a decent grade of B-.  What’s the problem?

I’ll tell you my conspiracy theory.  I think Hollywood is its own clique and if you try to somehow crash the party or make the wrong person mad, that’s it.  You’re out.  I wonder what the director, Martin Campbell, did or said to tick the movie gods off.  Or maybe it was the lead actor himself, Ryan Reynolds.  You know there was that rumor that he and America’s sweetheart (of the moment), Sandra Bullock, had a fling.  Could that be it?

Or is it the old, when one person says you’re ugly then everybody says you’re ugly because they are glad it’s not them people are talking about syndrome?  Or let’s just consider the movie itself, and therefore, suppose for one moment that the critics did as well.  Could it have been the slight decrease of in-your-face kicks, grunts and rolls that are usually in this type of movie?  Which interestingly, were replaced with witty dialogue, moral lessons and the flawed-human made superhero affect.  All of which were the things that I loved about this movie.  Who buys that I’m a loner, don’t need anybody just rather sit here and brood crap anyway?

Green Lantern was a fresh face to an old story.  Great job guys.  Go see the movie and judge for yourself.  Leave all closed minds behind.

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