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How to Beat the Heat

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Wow, it’s hot!  Can’t change the temp outside but what can we do for the inside and ourselves?  Well, isn’t it just good for you that I love Real Simple’s website which happens to have some great ideas.  In fact, 23 ways were listed that are sure fire ways to beat the heat.  But I’ll just name my top five.

Block the sun.  Did you know that closing the curtains and blinds may reduce the heat coming in your home by 45 percent?  This is a good one to try.

Do an A/C check-up.  I couldn’t say it any better so here’s the direct quote from Real Simple:  “Clean or replace the filter in room and central air conditioners about once a month during the summer. If you have central air-conditioning, have the ducts checked for leaks, which can reduce a system’s efficiency by as much as 15 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Seal any cracks between a window unit and the frame with peelable caulking or a sealant strip. These steps help ensure good airflow and keep the coils cleaner, which means more efficient and more effective cooling.”

Use a fan and A/C at the same time.  When you turn on a fan and A/C simultaneously, it allows you to turn down your A/C.  But remember to shut all fans off before you leave home.

Dress for the weather.  Now, I always think loose-fitting, light, cotton material is the best to absorb sweat and stay cool.  And it is true to be sure.  But reportedly, there are some synthetic fabrics that are designed to absorb sweat too – Coolmax and Nano-Tex are a couple.  Who knew?

Stay hydrated and eat light.  Since you’re losing moisture through sweat, make sure you put it back ASAP.  Coffee, alcohol and sugary stuff are not good choices.  But you don’t have to stick to boring ol’ water either.  Try fruits like watermelon or fruit smoothies that naturally hydrate the body.  And lastly, try to eat things that are easier to digest and hydrate the body as well.  This would include foods such as salads, fruits and veggies.


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