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Reasons Women Cheat

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The statistics on marriage are not very good – one out of two marriages will end in divorce.  This gives many pause when considering marriage and commitment.  They fear being cheated on and hurt.  And it’s not all the men’s fault, ladies.  Girls can do dirt too.

For instance, listed several reasons why women cheat.  I noted three of the most interesting below:

Because there’s no passion

Sure, you like the guy, but you’re just not in love with him.  He doesn’t light your fire or make you sizzle.  My thing is, yeah, you want someone to whom you’re attracted to but are we basing too much on physical attraction alone?  Is it really mature to think that after 15 years in a relationship that you will still get that giddy feeling as you did at the beginning?  C’mon, let’s get real.  And I’m not saying you can’t add spice to your marriage either from time to time.  Just don’t expect it to be that way 24/7.

Because absence does not always make the heart grow fonder

Now this I agree with – too much time a part can damage any relationship.  You can start to develop new connections without even trying.


This has to be the oldest reason in the book for cheating.  Payback, baby!  Hmm…but does it really make it better or make you a better person?  I did not ask whether it made you feel better.  Some of y’all heathens would answer in the affirmative!  But rather, what is the mature reaction if you find out your significant other is cheating?  Is doing as he does the best for you and for any children involved?  Make your choice wisely.

4 thoughts on “Reasons Women Cheat

  1. Most folks will say, “well if it doesn’t work, we can always get a divorce”. That in it’s self sets the course, right off the edge. What really helps a relationship is to find out what your mate is most passionate about; what do they put them selves into, and buy into it. Most marriages get caught up in the routine, and they forget about why they got into this relationship in the first place. Divorce happens simply because we drift, and we forget that a relationship needs to be tended to like a garden. A good relationship needs us to show up, pay attention and be present ! It’s not something we can just put on auto-pilot, it craves attention, and without it… our spouse will find it elsewhere. Each person owns 50% of the relationship, and you can choose where your half goes… how responsible are you willing to be?

    1. Love that! Can’t agree more. Marriage is like any endeavor – put in what you want to get out of it. Just because you argue doesn’t mean it’s over. Work on it and work through it. Thanks for the comment.


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