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Reasons Why Men Cheat

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So last time we talked about why the girls cheat.  Now let’s talk about why the boys do.  Hey, you didn’t think we were going to leave you off did you?  Let it be known that, yes, stable and sane people (men) know that cheating is wrong.  But why do some of these same ones cheat anyway? listed seven reasons why they do so:

Fear of commitment – Remember the old adage, don’t start nothin’ you can’t finish?

For the thrill of it – If you’re looking for a rush on the regular, go work on Wall Street right about now, bub.  This reason is the lazy man’s approach.

He is not fulfilled – If your relationship is missing something, fix it.  Tinkling around someone else’s property doesn’t make sense when your own needs repairs.

Sabotage – Cowardly. Period.

Revenge – Payback says a lot about who you are.  Don’t let her take you there.  Be better and do better.

Because you let him – What???

Emotional escape – Grow up, why don’t ya?

Let me end by saying that not all men are cheaters or as we say, dogs.  Love my good men!  So no letters, please!  Every situation is different and life is very complex. But for the bona fide dogs that are out there, surprise us all and grow up, stop being so selfish and be thankful for who you have in your lives.


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