Fashion Statement


This is the last time I love
My heart is nearly gone, you see.
Most of it you cradle in your arms.
I laid it there quite by mistake.
I was walking,
When your fingers touched
The bend of my arm.
Causing the hairs of my body
To rise a full inch.
I won’t fall in love after this, you see.
My breath has given way
To massive sighs
That leave my half-empty chest
Gasping for more air.
Only to be renewed when I catch the nearness
Of your exhalation.
I can’t fall in love again, you see.
All strength have left my weakened body.
It left just as you whispered,
I love you, and cried upon my neck.
You, love me?
Without heart.
Without breath.
Without strength.
Dead, but for your love to keep me alive.


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