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Cyberbullying – What Can You Do to Protect You and Your Family?

Let’s think about the awkwardness of the teen years.  Now add to that the trauma that being a victim of cyberbullying can throw us in.

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Many adults have trouble dealing if harassed in some way, so how do we expect our teenagers to handle it?  How can a teenager handle being cyberbullied because he or she is different?

The bottom line is – it can be handled.  Might not be easy – it’s never easy to stand up against someone – but by following some quick practical steps, you can win out.

Before we begin, let’s define what cyberbullying is.  Simply stated, it’s when someone uses the Internet, cell phone or other devices to post texts or images intended to hurt or embarrass another person.

How to react

Blocking communication with the cyberbully
Deleting messages without reading them
Talking to a friend about the bullying
Reporting the problem to an Internet service provider or website moderator

How to prevent cyberbullying

Refuse to pass along cyberbullying messages
Tell friends to stop cyberbullying
Block communication with cyberbullies
Report cyberbullying to a trusted adult

And lastly, below are ways we don’t want to respond to cyberbullying:

Seeking revenge on the bully
Avoiding friends and activities
Cyberbullying back



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