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War Horse – A Movie Review

provided by Walt Disney Studios and Dreamworks

Just saw the new Steven Spielberg movie, War Horse. I’m not even gonna to make you wait for it this time – great movie.

The formula is familiar – horse is born, boy falls in love with horse, horse and boy become inseparable, horse gets taken away (or sold off in this case) and boy and horse find their way back together.   But it’s the stories in between that capture your heart.  Please note:  some may be too jaded for such a pure picture about friendship and love.  But for the rest of us – it will hit all the right notes – love, friendship, strength of family and the power of understanding.  It even hit a serious tone by touching on how modern warfare became acutely brutal and ruthless partly due to the introduction of new weaponry and also by using young, scared boys to do the bidding of their nations.

The best line in the movie?  Joey (the horse) gets caught in a maze of barbed wire and is tangled up something awful.  A German and English soldier comes out of their foxholes to save him.  To the English soldier’s surprise, the German soldier speaks perfect English.  So the Englishman says, “You speak good English.”  The German soldier replies, “Yes, I speak English very well.”

This is an automatic classic like Black Beauty or National Velvet.  Go see.  Enjoy.  Tell me what you thought about it.


2 thoughts on “War Horse – A Movie Review

  1. Without a doubt, this is Spielberg trying his hardest to manipulate the hell out of his audience but it somehow works and brought me into the story despite some of the very corny moments. Great review.

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