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Downton Abbey – Season 2, Episode 2

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

First of all, congrats to D.A. for winning the Golden Globe for best TV movie or miniseries!

Secondly, let me spell out the highlights of episode 2:

I just knew it!  Thomas and O’Brien team up again.  In a way, they are secretly running D.A – mostly through O’Brien’s controlling Lady Grantham and Thomas’ sly maneuvers. Since D.A. is turned into a convalescence home for officers, someone with medical and military experience was needed to oversee the home.  As a result, Thomas is now managing the house under the supervision of Lady Grantham and Isobel Crawley.

Mr. Lang has a bad case of post traumatic syndrome and has had to be relieved.

Branson was forcibly removed from service before he could douse a high-ranking military officer with slop while at a D.A. dinner one evening.

Anna has walked Bates down.  Not a difficult thing to do since he’s moved back and not so far away.  Seems he’s left his wife and now has grounds for a real divorce.  Anna offers to be his mistress, but like the real gentleman he is, he tells her to wait.

The Dowager Countess of Grantham and Lady Rosamund tries to discredit Matthew’s new fiancé, Lavinia Swire, but Mary won’t have it.  She (Mary) learns the truth about a scandal Lavinia is in and stays loyal to her.  We see her character arc in a pleasant way indeed.

But talk about a character arc – Lady Edith!  She flounders because she doesn’t have a purpose.  But when the convalescence home opens, she becomes the unsung hero.  But not for long, her praises are sung at an important dinner and everyone knows all.  The middle child finally gets her due.  Awww

Not as riveting as last week, but just as awesome all the same.

Stay tuned.




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