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Downton Abbey – Season 2, Episode 3

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Episode 3 of D.A. was very interesting to say the least.  The war (WWI) has turned everything on its head and people are leaving, coming, missing and declaring their dying love.

Case in point:  The secret about Mr. Bates has come to light.  So much so that Lord Grantham goes to Bates to find out what’s going on, to ask his forgiveness and beg him to come back to D.A.  Of course, Bates promises to come back but isn’t quite forthright about why he left.

After returning, Bates and Thomas resume their hate-hate relationship.  In fact, Thomas seems a little afraid of him.  But O’Brien tries to reassure her Thomas that there’s no need to worry since they have something on Bates now.

William and Matthew are missing in action.  This disturbs everyone, including Daisy and Mary.  Daisy feigns it’s because she’s just concern.  Mary keeps a stiff upper lip, barely.  However, to everyone’s delight, both William and Matthew show up unharmed.

And Mrs. Crawley has been released from duty at the convalescence home.  She’s more miffed than anything because everyone seems to be ignoring her authority and not consulting her at all.  This is a welcomed change, especially where Lady Grantham is concerned.

One of the maids has been thrown out.  She was caught with one of the officers!  She does come back – humbled, teary-eyed and all rotund and sway-backed.  Now I really want to know how that will end!

Lastly, and most interestingly, were Sybil and the chauffeur, Branson.  Branson was not let go even after he declared his love to Sybil or after his silly attempt of humiliating a military commander.  But he just can’t keep his mouth shut.  Once again he presses the issue – he loves Lady Sybil and he just knows she loves him.  This confuses Sybil.  Is she in love with him, really?  Mary puts the pieces together and threatens to tell if she doesn’t watch her step.  Hmmm….wanna see how that ends.

Catch you next week!


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