Fashion Statement

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 4

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Quick update, gang.

Vera Bates’ initials aren’t V.B. for nothing.  She is very bad, very bold and very bitter.  She comes back to D.A. to wreck havoc on her estranged hubby and any who stands in her way, namely Anna.

That plan is stalled when Mary makes a deal with the devil in the form of Sir Richard Carlisle.  She promises to marry him if he finds a way to squash the story that Vera is set on divulging which would expose the Crawleys to the world.  Vera’s tricked into signing a gag order but still pledges revenge on Bates.  A woman scorned…

Things wouldn’t have gotten so bad if O’Brien would not have written to Vera informing her of Bates’ whereabouts.  She and Thomas don’t like Bates.  In the end when Vera’s actions threaten her own livelihood, she realizes her foolishness.

Poor William has died but not before marrying Daisy.  He thinks of her even on his deathbed – he wants her to have his pension to fall back on.  Daisy is racked with guilt.

Matthew is now paralyzed.  Like his injuries, his feelings are raw; he is overcome with self-pity and sadness.  He releases Lavinia from their marriage proposal, especially since he can neither walk or have children.  He feels he would be useless and a burden.

Branson seems to be making headway with Sybil.  They have a near-kiss at one point.  Will she run away with him?  My opinion – love alone ain’t always the answer.  It’s gonna take a whole lot more to make that thang work!  Anywho…that’s it, gang.  Those are the highlights.

Great stuff!

See ya next week!


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