Fashion Statement

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 5

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Well, well, well.  What a tangled web we weave.

Did anyone catch the nice shiner Mr. Bates had on his cheek when he came back from trying to reason with his crazy wife?  He even told Anna that it went very badly.  Later, he gets a telegram informing him of his wife’s demise.  Did he reason with her a little too much, you think?

Daisy is basically still mourning.  She’s racked with guilt and refuses the widow’s pension because of it.

A new boy’s in town or should I say the old one.  Patrick Crawley, who was supposed to have died on the Titanic and was the previous heir to D.A., is back.  He claims to have been pulled out of the Titanic wreckage, suffered amnesia, took on the name of Patrick Gibson and somehow joined the military in Canada.  He’s been burned badly and so is unrecognizable.  In fact, Edith is the only one who believes him.  He soon leaves after he doesn’t get the reception he thinks he should.  Edith is devastated.  She was after all in love with him.

Mathew is being pushed around in a wheelchair and thus feels even more of an invalid.  Mary is determined to be of assistance to him which makes her fiancé, Sir Richard, jealous.  Sir Richard shows a sliver of his true colors by threatening her if she betrays him in any way.  Ugh!  That’s a bomb waiting to go off, people.  Can Mary fall out of love with Matthew, especially since by the end of this episode he was showing signs of gaining feeling back into his legs?

The two baby mommas – the two maids:  one an actual war widow and the other, Ethel, not so much if ya know what I mean – both have different lifestyles.  The war widow is respected and helped but Ethel struggles in every way.  There seems to me some chemistry between Lord Grantham and this widowed maid.  I’ll have to wait and see on that one.

All right, peeps!  See ya next time!


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