Fashion Statement

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Episode 6

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

Ha, ha, ha, ha!  Thomas got what was coming to him!  He acquired a lot of store goods – probably from an iffy source – and intends to start his own store.  Mrs. Patmore tries him out, for free, of course, and it turns out that most of the foodstuffs are ruined.

Thomas is distraught and devastated.  Awww!  He’s so humbled that he comes crawling back to D.A. even after Mr. Carson lets him know that he can’t stay at D.A. too much longer since the convalescence home is gone.

Speaking of Carson, he turns down the new job offered to him from Carlisle after Anna reports that Carlisle tried to bribe her to keep an eye on Lady Mary.  Lady Mary is disappointed and confronts Carlisle on it.  In an odd twist, she’s also mean to Carson.  She doesn’t deserve Matthew.

Matthew has renewed his engagement to Lavinia since his health is recovering nicely.  But now, Violet is the one stirring the pot.  She confesses to Matthew that Mary is still in love with him and tries to get him to do something about it.  To add insult to injury, Lavinia catches Matthew and Mary kissing.

This has a devastating affect on Lavinia.  It shows up when half of the household comes down with the Spanish flu, including her.  She’s so in love with Matthew that it’s as if she gives up on life so Matthew can be with the one he really loves.  Matthew, being the loyal chap he is, is racked with guilt and deeply saddened.

There’s plenty of misery to spread around at this time.  Mary is bitter than ever; she feels trapped by Carlisle.  Bates has been taken off to jail for the murder of his wife.

And last but not least, amidst it all, Sybil has said yes to Branson.  They had planned to elope but not before Mary, Edith, and Anna interrupt them.  Lord Grantham is livid.  But in the end, he knows he’s lost the battle and gives them his blessing.

Or could it be that L.G. himself feels a little hypocritical since he and Jane, a maid no less, was on a verge of a torrid love affair! Before anything could happen, they both came to their senses and Jane leaves D.A.

Wow!  Loved it!  See ya next time.


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