Fashion Statement

Downton Abbey, Season 2, Finale

provided by Masterpiece/PBS

What a season!  Hate that it’s came to an end already.

First, let’s see…Thomas has mooched his way back into D.A. And not only that, maybe took over Bates’ old spot as valet to Lord Grantham.  How’d he managed that, you ask?  How ‘bout he stole L.G.’s dog (Isis) and was going to pretend to find her so L.G. would appreciate him so much that he would just have to change his mind about him.

Only, Thomas couldn’t get to the dog in time and unbeknownst to him some village child brought the dog back first.  L.G. notices Thomas on his way back to the house early the next morning. Thomas had gone out looking for Isis, but after he notices someone had released her, he falls trying to get back before he was missed.  Now, he’s dirty and has a ripped coat and all.  So when Isis comes running up to a stunned Thomas and L.G. ask him where had he been, he answers that he was out looking for the dog and fell.  Well, L.G. is impressed and says so.  Later, L.G. tells Carson that he’ll try Thomas out temporarily as valet.  Oh snap!

Sybil has written that she is pregnant.  Countess of Grantham (Cora) finally tells hubby that the only right thing to do is to invite them both back so they can all be together.  L.G. begrudgingly agrees.

And poor Carlisle, he just can’t make Mary fall in love with him. He and Matthew even pass blows!  L.G. steps in and it’s quickly over. Carlisle concedes; he recognizes that he’s lost.  Of course this means he will expose Mary and Bates to the world.  Fortunately, Mary had talked it over and confessed all to her father but this was only after Cora softened the blow by telling him first.

L.G. tells Mary that better to be exposed than marry a man she can’t love or respect.  He encourages her to go to America and live with her grandmother until the storm is over.  Funny thing though, I don’t think Carlisle will go through with his threat.  He actually loves her.  And plus Mary did apologize to him before he left.  That’s next season, of course.

Bates is found guilty but is given a life sentence.  That means that there is hope for an appeal.  Anna will stay on at D.A.  If he had gotten the death sentence, she was prepared to go to America with Mary.

Finally Mary and Mathew get together!!  Although I still don’t like her, I do like him.  So I want his character to be happy.  Is that weird?

Yeah, I know!  See ya!


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