My Two Cents

The Decline of the Dancing Ad-Men

provided by Microsoft

The Dancing Ad-Men, or people if you will.  You know them.  This is the person who stands in front of a particular business, holds an advertisement sign and will dance a jig to boot.

This gimmick started out as funny, cute even.  Because most of the time the ad-person was a fuzzy-headed, young lad of sixteen who you just knew loved being out there because he was getting out of the real work that his coworkers were doing inside.  There are even several commercial that focused on this trend.

But now it’s gotten pretty sad.  More and more I see older persons trying to bust a move (or not).  Actually, the older pop lockers tend to look like poor souls who took the first job that came his or her way.  I think to myself, maybe they’re down and out or have kids to feed.  The economy is bad, ya know.  Far from making me want to go into the store to buy, instead, it makes me look for the tip cup so I can drop in a five.

Just sayin.’



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