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Need a Side Hustle?

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I read so much information on how to make a hobby or skill into a side-hustle or an extra way to have income.  I believe that this can be done.  I see it every day.

You have your regular shift workers selling papers to tamales, typing resumes to cutting grass.  But I’m here to say – it ain’t gonna be easy!  You have to have stamina, determination and organizational skills that would put Big Bang Theory’s Shelton Cooper to shame.

My side gig?  Well, at one time I worked my regular job and had two writing assignments.  One assignment required eight pieces be submitted monthly and the other was a quarterly medical journal in which I served as a columnist and editor.  It took all of the qualities listed above to make it and you best believe I didn’t start out that way.  But I soon learned that with stamina, determination and keen organization skills that I could make things work.

And finally, I believe that if I could do it, anybody could.  Find your niche.  Talk it up to supportive friends or mull around to see where your skills are most needed.  Make a plan, adjust it where appropriate and stick to it.

Here are a few links that I found helpful.  Best wishes!  Oh, and if others have found some other handy tips or leads, let me know about those too.


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