Three Things that May Make You Feel Good All Over

provided by Microsoft

So I’m having an Oprah moment.  I’ve found three things that I just had to share.  They are all about empowering us – women.

First of all, if you’re like me, I love movies, TV, books – just any of the art forms will do.  And since this is the case, I can’t remember when I didn’t love cartoons.  Yes, cartoons!  How can they empower?  Try watching The Legend of Korra (Nick.com) and see if you don’t get a real boost of girl power!

Korra is the next Avatar, a leader that fights evil and unites the people of her time.  The format is not computer generated (CGI). Instead, it’s done in hand-drawn images that are rocking retro for those of us who can remember when.  The heroine is not perfect either.  In fact, she’s just a teenager and so has a lot of learning to do.  But it’s fun to see her grow, struggle and revel into being a powerful woman.

Secondly, I couldn’t write an article about empowerment and not talk about the website Stopstaringclothing.com.  The founder, Alicia Estrada, has designed ultra-feminine, vintage-influenced clothing that scream, “I am sexy and I know how to use it!”

Check it out.

And finally, one very important way to be truly empowered is to guard your emotional, mental and physical health.  Womenshealth.gov is a website I’ve come to just love.  It keeps up with everything from new legislation to the latest developments in women’s healthcare.  Bookmark this site for your reference.

Let me know about anything that empowers you.



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