Fashion Statement

Life of a Reformed Procrastinator

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Hello.  I am a procrastinator.  Well, a reformed procrastinator, she says with a smirk.

As a child I can remember I was one of those ones who were blessed with the gift of not having to try too hard.  A pop quiz Friday?  I’ll get it down Thursday at 10 – p.m. that is.  Term paper due?  I worked at it on a wing and a prayer.

So what helped me?  One word – preparation.  Yes friends, there it is.  It’s just that simple, but not.  You see, I soon found out that when preparing, you will have to sacrifice.  I know, right?  And when there’s sacrifice, something has to go or at the least be postponed.

For instance, I haven’t seen the backside of 10 p.m. in so long on a weeknight that I’m a joke to my own brother.  Mind you, I’m the single one with no kids and he’s married with two little ones!  It’s about a lot of little changes.  I’ve cut out some of my favorite programs – Perry Mason so comes on 10:30 on weeknights! I even stopped late night family and friend visits.  I have been known to put people out of my house.  Oh, I do it with a smile and giggle, don’t worry.

For me, it’s so many little adjustments that I have to say I’ve changed my lifestyle.  Instead of rushing around in a panic I now have extra time to move at a calm pace.  Instead of spur of the moment, I think and plan ahead.  No detail is too small.

Why are these steps important?  It’s simply because procrastinators do slip.  I know I do.  But the need for peace and sanity will always bring me back.


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