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Changing and Remembering Good Passwords

Provided by Microsoft

If you’re like me, I am so sick of remembering passwords.  It seems everything has password too – my work computer, email on my work computer, other applications on my work computer, my home computer, email on my home computer, and…well, you know.  So how can we do better with creating and remembering great passwords?  Below are just a few suggestions that may help.

How important is it to change your password?

Most experts say – very.  Did you know there is software that is created to crack passwords?  The high rate of scamming is a real risk to any kind of account you may have – retail, PayPal and even banking.

What’s an easy way to create a great password?

The key is variation and length.  In fact, the longer the password the more unlikely it will be cracked.  Throw in capital letters, numbers and other characters if possible.  Or as one expert recommends, use phrases like MyWhatAGreatDay.  Finally, another expert recommends typing your passwords backward.  So MyWhatAGreatDay turns into yaDtaerGAtahWyM.

Now, just how are you supposed to remember this fantastic password?

Since experts suggest changing passwords every six months to a year, this leads to the question, how can you remember them?  Let’s take the password mentioned above.  MyWhatAGreatDay is a simple phrase that can be called to mind fairly well and it meets the criteria for a great, strong password.  Moreover, it can easily be changed into MyWhatAGreatHat. The trick is to just take out one part or rearrange it in some way.

Hope this helps.  If anyone else has anymore great ideas, let me know.  Oh, and for additional information on creating and remembering passwords, go to Real Simple, Google or




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