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Emeli Sande’, Melanie Fiona and Luke James – Ones to Watch

We all love good music and probably love watching smart, talented artists get their comeuppance even more.  Music by far is the international language.  The following three artists prove that to be true.

Emeli Sande’

emeli Sande

Love this girl.  She is a Zambian-Scottish recording artist and song writer.  How often do you get to say that?  But more to the point, her song Daddy stopped me in my tracks and she hasn’t disappointed me since.

What makes her stand out?  Physically, she’s a black woman with a 2012-styled, blonde Mohawk.   Artistically, her lyrics demand as much as her beautiful voice does.  Take a listen.




Melanie Fiona


What??!  I didn’t know anything so soulful could come out of Canada.  (I apologize in advance to any of my Canadian friends reading this).  But this girl has such a husky, bluesy style.  On one hand, it’s what you expect from an R&B singer but upon the second look you see the layers.  She’s definitely worth checking out.





Luke James


Last but not least, this one’s a keeper as well – Luke James.  Even his name sounds old school just like the way his voice and demeanor reminds me of what a young Sam Cooke would be like today.  His ballad, I Want You is just plain old good heart-wrenching rhythms.  Not bad on the eyes either ladies.  Check him out.


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