Fashion Statement

Evening Affair

Provided by Microsoft

The rain pops my windshield
I listen to the droning sound patterns of the wipers
Back and forth, back and forth, back and forth
Just then my lids get heavy and I yearn
For home, for my bed
The light is green now
Slowly the mechanical herd takes off
We parade down Winchester
I look over and wonder why the lady
Riding in a brand new SUV is not moving
She’s locked in an expressionless gaze
She gasses forward when someone honks
I click the radio on to ward off drowsiness
Then some glorified thug tells me –
– shake my thang and back it up
– get a new this if you want that
– stay tuned for your six o’clock news when
Do bad all by myself
The lady in the SUV is talking on her cell
Yuppie – does anyone say that anymore?
Anyway, homeward
My eyes glance upward to the rearview mirror
I spy the most beautiful and sexiest eyes looking back
They seem to smile at me lustily
I know I smile at them lustily
I brake quickly as my predecessor comes to an abrupt stop
Slightly embarrassed, I don’t look up immediately
Dare I?  I dared
He’s still looking and I’m still looking too
What kind of car does he – oh, that kind
I like – not showy, not overcompensating
Just enough to say,
Yes, I am employed, like nice things; and no, I’m not afraid to use it
I sit up straight
Did I put on some lipstick before I left
What do I have on…okay, I’m good
No you didn’t get in between us
Don’t you see us talking Mr. Big Utility Truck
Oh goodness, he’s pulling up beside me
Steady girl, don’t look
Don’t look…now you know I have to look
Slowly, casually, play with the radio first
Take your time
He’s looking at you and he’s smiling at you
Smile fool, I tell myself
Yes, you are gorgeous
Even though I will never see you again
I’ve enjoyed our evening affair, my darling
Then I look off and leave him in my dust


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