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Does Sparkle Shine? A Movie Review

Provided by TriStar Pictures

I recently saw the movie Sparkle.  I don’t know if you guys are like me; I’m kind of leery of remakes.  It just doesn’t feel right to see new characters saying the lines you’ve long acquainted with some of your old favorites.

However, I was pleasantly surprised with this movie.  Firstly, this time I actually wanted to go see it because it was Sparkle for crying out loud!  The original version has a cult following and is considered a long-standing favorite amongst its fans.  Secondly, I had grown to love the actors in this movie in other projects.  And thirdly, Whitney Houston starred in and executive produced it.  She had had her ups and downs but I was pulling for my girl left and right.

For those who know nothing about Sparkle, let me summarize it briefly.  A single mom named Emma (Whitney Houston), has raised her three daughters – Sister (Carmen Ejogo), Delores (Tika Sumpter) and Sparkle (Jordin Sparks) – with a strong hand.  She had made bad choices earlier in her life when she was an aspiring singer – booze and bad men – and didn’t want her daughters to do the same thing.

But even after her Bible-thumping and bullying, her daughters made their own way.  The oldest, Sister, who loved money and flashy men, got married to a top comedian, Satin (Mike Epps), of the time.  The middle daughter, Delores, eventually went to med school to become a doctor. And the baby girl and center of the movie, Sparkle, followed her dream and became a singer on her own terms.

Now you know all of this didn’t happened before a lot of drama went down.  Sister, whose husband turned out to be a drug addict and wife-beater, eventually got hooked on drugs as well.  Of course her sibs try to save her – which culminated in a physical dust-up with hubby being killed.  Being the oldest, Sister did the honorable thing and took the blame for what Delores actually had done.

I know it sounds depressing and maybe somewhat violent, but actually, it was a good, solid, family movie with plenty of humor.  That’s saying a lot in today’s world where PG-13 is really R and R really should be X.  Because this was a small, low-budget film, it may not be still playing in your town but there’s always In Demand or Blu-Ray!  The music takes off where the story ends.  It will leave you with a smile and an upbeat spirit.  And that’s always good for the heart and soul.


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