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Beauty Buzz-Kills to Avoid

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How you present yourself says a lot about you – we all know this.  That’s OK if the message sent is, “I am confident, warm, and together.”  But what if the message is not really all that great?  What are some negative beauty quirks that we should avoid?

Overly Fragranced

Trust me, people will thank you if you tone down the perfume – especially those with allergies that we live with or work next to.  This habit can be a little overwhelming for your date too.  Finally, it shows concern for others when you limit your sprays of an eau de parfum or eau de toilette.

Pancake Foundation

Unless you’re an actor on set, this habit should be avoided.  Not only does it rub off on your clothes and your significant other’s, but it may project the idea that you have low self-esteem or that you’re covering up something and do not think that what you naturally have is enough.  Now that last part may or may not be true in your case, but remember, this is how you may be perceived when others look at you.  Don’t kid yourself by thinking that you don’t care how anybody perceives you.  Although this fact is not all-important;  it is of value on some level, especially to a potential employer or your family.  So for those guilty of this, ease up, will ya?

Lots O’ Eyelashes

Oh, let’s talk about the Snuffaluffagus-effect why don’t we?  You know, the comically long eyelashes that seem to be the trend nowadays?  Hey, far be it from me to complain about someone who wants to enhance what God gave them.  But the key word is enhance – not looking as if you dance in Vegas.  Click here for some really good tips about applications and what kind to buy.

In the end, what really is important in a healthy look?  A clear skin tone, large clear eyes and full or natural lips.  Start here and add minimally.  And always remember the best part – smile.


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