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What I Did Right in 2012

listWe all like to make lists around this time to “check in” with ourselves.  Did we lose that 40 lbs we set out to?  Did we quit smoking?  Or stop biting our nails?  If we did or did not, here we are – checking – and, depending on what we find, with a fair amount of self-loathing or joy.

I read a blog not too long ago that actually did something different; it listed things that the writer accomplished this year.  She gave herself full bragging rights!  It was great!  That gave me the idea to do the same.  So here goes.

Things I did right in 2012

Become a more positive person

My strategy?  Positive meditation and prayer every morning (or every morning I remembered).  I have a ways to go, but I can honestly say that this simple method has helped me so much.

Finished editing my screenplay and send queries off to production companies

Hello!  Done, done and done!

Maintained my blog on a regular basis

Yep.  Pat, pat, pat, pat.  That’s me patting myself on the back.

Forgive myself and others

Okay, I know this is vague but that would be defeating the purpose of the action step if I was to list everything I’m referencing.  But let me just say, peace is more powerful and precious than any grudge you can carry.  I find that the key factor is to give it time and yourself time. It will all fall into place.

And just for laughs and gigglesThings I failed at in 2012

To lose weight, my goal:  40 lbs.  Lost:  zip.  The time I spent in the cold, heat, rain and tiredness hauling my wobbly butt around my neighborhood and parks:  priceless.

And believe it or not, that basically was my list at the beginning of 2012.  I only failed at one goal!  I am so outdone with myself that I just don’t know what to do.  I just might take myself out for ice cream a movie.  Smile.

The moral of this blog?  Give yourself a break and think about what you did right this year – even if it wasn’t on your list.  And the goals you didn’t achieve?  Be thankful you’ve lived another year so you can get it right next time!


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