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Tips for Saving on the Heating Bill

Provided by Microsoft
Provided by Microsoft

It’s wintertime, so how can we save a penny when it comes to our heating bill?  Check the tips out below and you might just save a few.

Turn it recommends, at least while away and/or sleep, to turn the thermostat down to 65 degrees.  This may save you at least 10 percent on your bill.

  • Open and close the blinds – Blinds should be opened on sunny days in order to heat the house and closed at night to insulate it.  Try not to block vents with furniture, drapes or rugs either.

Caulk, seal and strip – If you walk by your closed window or door and feel a draft, then you may need to re-caulk, seal or weather-strip them.  Another draft test recommended by is to walk by the window or door with a lit incense.  If there’s a draft, the smoke from the incense will be pulled in that direction.


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