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Love Ain’t the Battlefield…Depression Is

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Like it or not, we all have our insecurities or times when we feel like we are just not quite enough.  Even though this battle is more chronic and intense for some than others, it is still a battle nonetheless.

‘Battle’ is the right word because if you’ve suffered from depression at any time – due to PMS, menopause, bereavement or suffering a chronic illness – it can feel like an all-out war, an internal one at that.  So what can you do to combat negative thoughts that fuel depression?  Health Central listed six down and dirty tips.  What I’ve learned from this article is to fight hard, quick and head-on.  Let me explain.  Let’s pretend that someone came up to you that you had known for years and begins to physically attack you.  Say the known assailant jumped on you and clearly had the intention of leaving you for dead or at the very least seriously hurt.  What would you do?  Fight!

Get the picture?  Depression is an attacker from a known source – ourselves.  It is important to fight any negative thoughts causing depression.  For instance, the Health Central article referred to earlier outlines the strategy against the ‘nobody cares’ lie that your brain tries to trick you into.  Some persons use this phrase to explain how they really feel about themselves.  Here’s what to do:  on paper or aloud, claim your worth.  Really take stock of loved ones in your life. 

Next, some of us use the ‘nobody cares’ phrase when we want to evoke a response from others.  This is dangerous since this statement hinges your self-esteem on a positive response from this one sole person.  They may not, however, give the desired response.  What do you do?  It’s time to realize that even though a person might not care the way you want them to – say in the case of unrequited love – they do care in their own way.  Deal with the fact that people and situations don’t always turn out the way you want.  It doesn’t make you less of a person.

Additionally, some fall into depression because they don’t have an emotional support at the time.   Let’s face it; some of us are in that boat.  It could be easy to feel lost and thrown away.  But remember…this is war!  Fight!  This simply means you may have to construct an emotional resource of your own – friends, a support group and/or a therapist. 

And lastly, it is important to never feel guilty or less than because of your depression; that’s just more self-punishment.  Instead, accept that right now this is how you feel (not who you are) and with the help of whatever your particular need calls for – friends, family, therapy or medication – keep up the good fight.


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