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Before We Could Get Christy Love or Even Policewoman – We Had Decoy!

DecoyUnless you’re a TV buff, you probably don’t know what the TV show Decoy is all about.  And understandably so, because this was a program that first aired in 1957 according to 

Additionally, states that Decoy was a 30 minute show about policewoman, Casey Jones, played by actress, Beverly Garland.  There were 38 episodes filmed in all, running from 1957-1959.  Now I could moon over the fact that in the 1950’s it was very strange for a woman to lead any kind of show.  I could talk about the fact that the lead character, Casey Jones, was a policewoman no less – a tough job for anybody, then and now.    Or I could talk about how amazing the actress B.G. was herself.  She was a real working actor with projects spanning from productions like D.O.A (1950) and Decoy (1957) to Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman (1993) and 7th Heaven (1996).  It can be easily said that she rightfully earned her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1983!

But I won’t load you down with just the facts.  I want to tell you about the show itself.  I was sitting at home flipping the TV channels when I stopped to watch a black and white movie, or so I thought.  Immediately I was drawn in but I didn’t quite know why.  I slowly realized from the way the film was shot that this had to be a TV show – not a movie.  I watched that episode and the one that followed.  I was literally on the edge of my seat.  I could have kicked myself when I didn’t pay enough attention to get the title of the show.  Later on, when I did, I promptly went to the internet and ordered as many shows as I could find.  It was well-acted, superbly shot (think gritty 1957), had great story ideas and surprisingly realistic scripts.

I felt inspired too.  Look at us, I thought, as I watched B.G. on the screen.  While it’s sad that many may have forgotten or never have heard of this show, it is a marvel to think that it must have had a lot to do with future projects that highlighted the power of women.

I’m glad I found it.


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