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Must-Haves for a Great Fall Wardrobe

Beautiful Teenager with a HatI say never mind what the masters of the fashion industry tell you.  What do you feel you need to feel pretty, powerful, confident?  Now, I’m not going to waste your time by telling you what you need either.  Instead, let me start by sharing how I try to manage my fall wardrobe by being price-conscious and sensible.

I love fall!!  I love the crunchy leaves, the coolness of the weather – even down to the gray-blue skies.  But most of all, yes, most of all I love my fall wardrobe.  I’m talking about boots, sweaters, hoodies, scarves, smart jackets and long-sleeved graphic tees.  And don’t make me pull out my cowboy boots with my long blue-jean skirt topped off with my be-bop hat (a phrase I stole from my father) tilted to the side while wearing my oversized loop earrings.  Bam!

I am one of those persons who feel just because they make it in my size does not mean it’s for me.  So no, I don’t jump on every skinny-girl fad.  I chose carefully and shop selectively.  But before I even go out to any store, especially at the beginning of a season change, I take stock of what I already have in my wardrobe.  If something is too small, too worn out, too outdated, or I just don’t wear anymore, I get rid of it.  By ‘get rid of it’ I mean donate to Goodwill or pass on to someone who may like that particular style of clothing.  But for worn out pieces, I just chunk them into the garbage of course.  Many call this ‘take-one-in-give-one-away rule.’  This means, if you’re blessed to buy an item (or be given one), then give something else of yours away.

But back to the point at hand, taking stock allows you to clearly pick out what you need for the season.  This prevents you from buying unnecessary items.  I choose for my personality, style, body shape and my wallet.  Season-end is a good way to stock up on items stores are trying to move out of the way for the upcoming season.  You can mix-and-match summer items with fall/winter ones.  For example, got a jacket?  Then put a couple of layered tees under it.  Simple, right?  Just takes a minute and a little advance thinking.

That way, you can always leave and live happy. 


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