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No Good Deed – A Movie Review

MovieNoGoodDeedI love me some Idris Elba and big up to my girl Taraji P. Henson! Both starred in and executive produced the latest thriller out this weekend – No Good Deed.  Sidebar:  It makes me so proud to see minorities in lead roles and in executive producer positions no less. Any step in that direction is a step up. So of course, you know I had to go and support.

Now on to the review: I don’t know whether I expected too much or what but this one didn’t deliver everything I imagined.  Of course, like any thriller it moved slowly to build intensity and unfold the story line.  And yes, there was a certain amount of suspense, great acting, good cinematography, but it initially fell short.

An escaped convict named Colin (Idris Elba) drags Terri (Taraji Henson) around scene by scene. Oh, she gives him a run for his money, but he doesn’t kill her.  It makes the audience wonder what’s going on.  You soon learn that it’s part of his torture and part of his plan.  He wants her to see what he knows.  It’s his final act in his own crazy drama, except it doesn’t quite end the way he wants it too.  (You should know by now I do not give away the juicy stuff in my reviews.  Nah.)

But remember I said that it initially fell short?  At the latter half you get a surprise that is worth waiting for.  The screenplay’s formula is not new or original (and maybe that’s part of the problem), but No Good Deed does give a fresh appeal to an old-as-time story line.  So it redeems itself to some degree in the end.

So how would I rate this movie? I expected a great movie, but it was only a ‘good try’ of a kind of movie.  Not bad, just not great.  It is currently number one at the box office (an estimated 24.5 million domestic gross on a 13.2 million budget). If you go see it, write me and tell me what you thought about it.



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