Fashion Statement

Me and My Frog Legs

1101141432aAbout once a year, I visit one of my favorite restaurants, Lambert’s Cafe – Home of the Throwed Rolls – and chow down on one of my guilty pleasures, frog legs!

Before I talk about my frog-legs leanings, let me say a little about my background. My parents are simple, country folk.  My dad actually grew up on a farm.  He and his siblings had to do their chores – milk the cow, slop the hogs, feed the hunting dogs, and get the hen eggs kind of chores – all before school.  I would laugh at my country relatives, since I am so citified and refined, you see.

But as I get older, I am more and more like my people than I could ever imagine. This brings me to the point – frog legs.  Oh, frog legs, how I luv thee…dem, and I do me all of dem!  For those of you who have not had the great opportunity of eating these tasty morsels, yep, they taste like chicken – mostly.  In regards to the texture, it falls apart much like cod fish.  Mine were fried golden brown and topped with hot sauce.  Frog legs are one of those country dishes that have to be included when talking about chitterlings, possum, rabbit, pig’s feet, and such.  And lastly, but not least, even though I could have done badly that day, I ate only a portion and took the rest home to eat another day.

So yeah, I just wanted to share my experience as well as a pic with everyone.

You’re welcome…


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