The Problem is Not Your Shoulder – It’s Your Bag

lady with purseBig handbags are the style now and no one loves a great big handbag more than I do.  On top of that, for anyone working in an office of any type, you know you can carry up to no less than three bags at any time – your handbag, lunch bag, and work bag or tote.

Ask any chiropractor and they will tell you that three bags is a lot, especially if they are loaded to the rim.  In fact, in recent years there is a steady rise in cases where shoulder and neck pain are the direct result of the heavy bags we carry.  And men, don’t think this article is not about you.  If you carry work, computer equipment (tablets and/or laptops), and gym clothes in a duffel bag that has no shoulder straps (just the hand straps), you could be putting more stress on your back as well.

One simple solution is to stop carrying the large bags all together.  Yeah right!!  That might work for some, but for us die-hard big bag ladies out there – pun intended – we all know that’s not going to happen!  But what can we do to prevent or lessen pain and stress on our shoulders, back, and neck?

  • Clean out your purse/bag every week.
  • Really think about where you are going and what you will actually need.  Take only that.
  • For those of us who are experiencing pain, take an anti-inflammatory and schedule a massage as needed.
  • And lastly, when you have lightened your load, keep the bulk of the purse close to the center of the body.  In other words, it is better to have a purse or bag on a short strap.

Good health to you!



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