Let’s Define “Happy” New Year

Man JumpingLet’s define a happy new year or let’s go so far as to say, let’s redefine happiness in this new year.  New beginnings are a blessing to be sure.  You get to start over and do things a new and better way.  You get to start working on a better you.

This leads me to the point of happiness.  You can never have too much of it.  I have never, ever heard anyone complain that they were just waaaay too happy and needed to do something about it.  So in lieu of that fact, I absolutely had to list the points below:

  1. Accept that deep down we all need the same thing – love.  The people who frustrate us need the same thing that the rest of us need.
  2. Give our best to the world.
  3. Forget about being perfect.
  4. Work on letting go of grudges.  Everybody has weaknesses and do/say dumb things.  When you don’t let go, you are really destroying your own happiness.
  5. Accept your past.
  6. Hey, don’t pressure yourself to be happy either.  Into everyone’s life some sadness will fall – or something like that.  But if you’re not sad about something legitimate, give yourself permission to be happy.



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