Center Stage

Woe to the Watcher of Downton Abbey!

downton abbey wallpaper

No! No! No! No! No! NO!! I’m not okay. I’m not okay, you see.

Sniff. She says as her hands shake.

I think…I think I have a problem. It’s going away. It is. It’s the end. Mary wedded down and Edith might be marrying up. Lawd knows she deserves some happiness! She couldn’t pick Mr. Right if he threw a wedding ring at her.

Oh what joy when Mr. Carson and Ms. Hughes married! No, I will never call her Mrs. Carson. It just would not be right. And Daisy has wrecked my nerves just because she’s gotten a little edumacated. The little snot!

Her hand curled under her jaw while her eyes fixed on the floor. Her mouth quivers as she continues…

Oh Mr. Barrows, Mr. Barrows! I never thought I’d feel sorry for you, you conniving petty, backstabbing twat! But I do, I do! Please don’t kill yourself. I hope you find another job only to make that staff miserable there. That’s your purpose, your reason for being.

She wipes her moist eyes with her small, slight fingers. Her pursed lips curled into something of a smile and with wild, bloodshot eyes exclaimed:

I just don’t know! I just don’t know! What is to become of me!

She says as she shakes her head wildly, now slumped in the huge chair looking rather like a small child. Her feet dangle and her body is limp. She softly mumbles:

I shall never recover.
I shall never recover.
I shall never recover.

From the other room a scream pierces the air:

Poldark’s on!

Her pursed lips curl into a smile…


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