Sleep? Who Knew??


So how about last night I woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep for nuthin’.  And of course, I had to get up early today and get some important things done and man o’ man did I feel it.

Even more ironic was the fact that I ran upon an article about sleep deprivation. I learned that about 65 percent of working Americans don’t get enough sleep. And you know it’s causing a lot of problems on and off the job: irritability; safety issues; and poor work productivity. That explains a lot, honey.  I’ve got quite a number of coworkers with bad attitudes! Dey need sum sleep! Bottom line:  in order to keep performing at the top of your game you need at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. I know, I hear the naysayers out there.  My friend swears she only needs five a night.  But I think the point is, over time your emotional, mental, and physical health suffers.  So sufficient sleep is not to be poo-pooed. It can help you:

  • Pay attention/stay alert
  • Learn/remember better
  • React in time
  • Judge situations and make decisions
  • Make fewer errors
  • Keep up with a task

Good health to ya!




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