Center Stage

Leaning on the Spider’s House

Hey, I thought I’d squeeze one more poem in before Poetry Month is over…so here goes…


Leaning on the Spider’s House

Pacing myself amongst
The throng of lilies
I notice my own footsteps
Melting away the ground.
Pushing earth condensely
Among the little earthlings,
Who pop their miniscule heads out
To see what goings on
Disturbed their infinitesimal world.
They scurry away like Hurricane Katrina victims,
Running for their lives
With only what’s on their backs.
Some carry or nudge their young along.
Hear their cry?
I chase after them
For my own delight –
Watching them dash madly about.
Many drop their wares
Losing family along the way.
I stop to survey my spoil.
I see the lovely lilies,
Now trampled underfoot
Looking rather broken of spirit.
The houses are more than empty
They stand equal to the ground.
At last,
I lean upon the spider’s house
To write my hopes in condensation.


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