How I Did on My 2016 Goals


Welp, another year has passed. I love evaluating how far I’ve come on my goals set just a year earlier. While I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, I do find that each year you need to do a spring cleaning on your soul. What to keep, what (or whom) not to keep in your life. So here goes:

2016 Goals          

Pay off one of my credit cards  – Nailed it!!
Lose 10 lbs – Lost 5 lbs…okay, not bad.
Revise my screenplay – Done.
Manage menopause symptoms – I looooove Black Cohosh, just sayin.’
Don’t allow the same old people to push my buttons – Let’s just say instead of pushing my buttons, they hover riiiiight over it.

Goals for 2017

Lose 10 lbs – Shut up!
Blog bimonthly – Starting off good
Save continuously – ¦-)
Don’t allow the same old people to push my buttons – I mean it this time, dang it!
Sell screenplay – Hollywood, here I come.
Reject negativity; accept the positive – ‘Nuff said

Okay, if you haven’t done your soul spring cleaning, it’s not too late. Ask yourself, what have I done and what do I want to do and write it down. Pat yourself on the back for your progress and set future goals in order to make continuous progress from here on out. Keep it where you can refer to it throughout the year.


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