When Alcoholism Touches Home


Alcohol can be a good thing. There’s a scripture in the Bible that even says: A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. Admittedly, I’m no connoisseur, meaning I’m a 100% juice kind of gal. But after accumulating some life experiences, I have seen firsthand how alcohol can go from a good thing to a bad thing.

Simply put, it can be an addiction. My own father suffered from it for years. It was a habit that he carried over from his early teenage years. Daddy was a big ‘ol country boy and some country folk back then thought that’s making a man out of ‘em when a young boy smokes or drinks. Daddy was driving tractor trailers by the age of nine and probably was smoking and drinking not too long after that.

But time when on, he married, had a family, and the habit quickly got in the way of a sane, productive life. Many things have helped people quit drinking: AA meetings, family support, or will power. With my dad it was his new-found spirituality. It gave him the power to change for good. Everyone could tell he was really trying to become the person he was really meant to be. His struggle was big and hard-pressed.

Unfortunately, complications brought on by diabetes took his life before his metamorphosis became fully realized. Looking at his struggles, failures, and triumphs, I was deeply impressed how powerful we as humans are. We are undefeatable when we tap into the right resources, and undeniably magnificent when we wrest with our own pain and prevail.

Love you Dad.


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