What Forgiveness Does Not Mean

Sibling Rivalry

What forgiveness does not mean…

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When Alcoholism Touches Home


Alcohol can be a good thing. There’s a scripture in the Bible that even says: A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things. Admittedly, I’m no connoisseur, meaning I’m a 100% juice kind of gal. But after accumulating some life experiences, I have seen firsthand how alcohol can go from a good thing to a bad thing. Continue reading When Alcoholism Touches Home

Colorectal Cancer Awareness


Let’s all face it. Getting older sucks! Sometimes. Okay, Imma tell you what I mean. When I was 22 years old and I had a pain in my patooty, colon cancer would not have come across my mind. I would have just thought, well, I gotta go take a dump. Continue reading Colorectal Cancer Awareness

The Thing About Rare Disease…


For most of us, we never think about a thing until it becomes a thing. You don’t think about homelessness until you’ve faced foreclosure or you never think about what’s really important in your life until you have a near-death experience.

Welp, I’m no different. I never thought about rare disease until it affected me personally. I’m not going to talk about the plethora of doctors’ visits, stupid questions from said doctors, dead ends, and sheer exhaustion I endured all while trying to find out what was wrong with me. When I finally stumbled upon the answer years later, I found that there was no cure for my condition and it was considered a rare disease.

Definition: A disease or disorder is defined as rare in Europe when it affects fewer than 1 in 2000.

A disease or disorder is defined as rare in the USA when it affects fewer than 200,000 Americans at any given time.

  • 80% of rare diseases have identified genetic origins whilst others are the result of infections (bacterial or viral), allergies and environmental causes, or are degenerative and proliferative.
  • 50% of rare diseases touch children.

I can only manage the symptoms – most of the time. After my initial elation due to discovering what was ailing me, the real work began. In the end, it’s just like dealing with any other long-term illness, you have ups and downs and good days and bad. On the other hand, it has made me an advocate for Rare Disease. While more well-known diseases like diabetes and cancers get money thrown at them all the time, rare disease funding is slow. I’m guessing it’s because of the number of people affected are low in comparison to other diseases. But you know, just because fewer people are affected doesn’t mean the disease isn’t just as debilitating or even crippling to its victims.

To learn more about rare diseases, Rare Disease Day, or even how you can help, please visit Rare Disease Day USA at http://rarediseaseday.us/.


How I Did on My 2016 Goals


Welp, another year has passed. I love evaluating how far I’ve come on my goals set just a year earlier. While I don’t do New Year’s Resolutions, I do find that each year you need to do a spring cleaning on your soul. What to keep, what (or whom) not to keep in your life. So here goes:

2016 Goals          

Pay off one of my credit cards  – Nailed it!!
Lose 10 lbs – Lost 5 lbs…okay, not bad.
Revise my screenplay – Done.
Manage menopause symptoms – I looooove Black Cohosh, just sayin.’
Don’t allow the same old people to push my buttons – Let’s just say instead of pushing my buttons, they hover riiiiight over it.

Goals for 2017

Lose 10 lbs – Shut up!
Blog bimonthly – Starting off good
Save continuously – ¦-)
Don’t allow the same old people to push my buttons – I mean it this time, dang it!
Sell screenplay – Hollywood, here I come.
Reject negativity; accept the positive – ‘Nuff said

Okay, if you haven’t done your soul spring cleaning, it’s not too late. Ask yourself, what have I done and what do I want to do and write it down. Pat yourself on the back for your progress and set future goals in order to make continuous progress from here on out. Keep it where you can refer to it throughout the year.

Say Her Name – Theresa Kachindamoto!

I read this a few months ago and saved it because it is important enough to be repeated, again and again.  Marni Fogelson-Teel first reported it in inhabitots.com.  It is a true story about Theresa Kachindamoto, a female chief in Malawi, who breaks up 850 child-marriages and sends the girl-brides back to school.


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Not My Circus, Not My Monkey


If you’re like me you kind of wish that a sign would drop out of the sky that would clearly state what you need to do in any given situation. You know, like in the cartoons? One says ‘duck’ or another one says ‘wrong way.’ Except these real life signs would say, ‘Bye Felicia,’ or ‘Betta call Tyrone,’ or even still, ‘This is a waste of time. Move on.’

But woe unto us, life is just not like that. We have to use the old noggin and perceive when it’s time to walk away from toxic people, jobs that suck the life out of you, or dodge a problem that is not your circus and not your monkey. We all have to admit that some situations are a total wreck and just can’t be fixed. You have to walk away and mean it – or at least put some healthy distance between you and whatever it is.

Emotionally, it may not be that simple. We may have history or a bond (or at least think we do) with said job, person, etc., etc. So we stay and continue to be miserable, until something shows us otherwise. That’s why I love the tips below. There are like guideposts to help one perceive when it might be time to let it go and leave it behind.

  1. If something has you lowering your standards or changing who you are at your core and deepest and instead adopting habits that are unsafe or downright unhealthy that ultimately threatens your happiness, then it may be time to go. So in other words, if something or someone absolutely brings out the worst in you, let go.
  2. If you’re always the one doing the extending, giving of time, energy, money in a situation; but with no reciprocation, then it may be time to make an evaluation. No one likes to be taken for granted; especially after repeatedly communicating this fact and totally being ignored. So, is it worth it?
  3. It may be time to leave or distance yourself if you’re repeatedly making excuses for a friend’s behavior – bad temper, moodiness, or insensitivity. Once again, you’re doing all the taking (their bull), and is being given none of the consideration you deserve. After reasonable attempts to make it work – but not – it juuuust might be time to bounce.